Pot Bellied Pigs Can Make Great Pets with Proper Care

Pot Bellied Pigs Can Make Great Pets with Proper Care

If you’re searching for a pet, and you’re thinking about getting something that is a bit out of the ordinary, the number of options is quite large. One option that seems to be quite popular among people looking for something unique are pot bellied pigs.

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While it might sound disgusting for many, getting a pot bellied pig can be a terrific choice for the right person. If you get one, you will probably be surprised, but they make very good pets. The two main things a pet owner needs to know about their pot belly pig is that it’s an affectionate pet, as well as intelligent.

Another thing about pot bellied pigs is that they don’t provoke any allergies, so people with this type of complication, or with asthma, can get a pig without any problem. However, before you pick a pig as your pet, you need to understand that they need plenty of care and attention, in addition to large rooms and space where they can develop and grow. If you live in an apartment we don’t suggest obtaining a pot belly pig as your pet.

The total weight of a pot belly pig can get over 240 pounds, this being an average weight for this type of animal. Since they have a long life, when you get a pot belly pig you make a commitment in the long run, to take care of it and love it. Their life usually goes up to 15 years, or more. Pot-bellied pigs are clever animals, so if you invest some time and you are patient with them, they can be taught to do tricks. In most cases, if a dog can do a trick, a pig can be taught to do it as well.

A pot belly pig needs plenty of attention from his owner, or he starts to destroy stuff in your house. He does this when he gets bored, so you need to keep him busy. Another thing you need to recognize is how to take care of the pig’s diet. Ideally, you should provide him food that is low protein and low fat. Just because he is a pig doesn’t mean you need to deliver him every table scrap in your house.

As is the case with any pet, taking the necessary steps to nourish and care for your pot-bellied pig properly can essentially mean the difference between a pet with a long and healthier life and one with health issues and extensive vet visits. Luckily, knowing some basics tips about pot-bellied pig care and feeding can help you provide your new pet the best life possible.

What to Feed and Not to Feed  Pot Bellied Pigs

While pot bellied pigs have voracious appetites and will generally eat anything you present them, they’re also prone to obesity, which can result in foot and joint issues as well as other types of health problems. Furthermore, pigs can even learn to open the refrigerator in their continuous hunt for yummy treats. To avoid the potential health risks associated with an unhealthy diet, here are some factors to keep in mind when feeding your pot-bellied pig:

Make sure to feed your pig a diet high in fiber and low in calories, and buy food specifically formulated for pot-bellied or mini pigs.

If you’re unable to find pot-belly-pig-specific food at your local pet store, have your vet order some for you.

In addition to the formulated diet you feed your pig, also provide plenty of fresh veggies in its diet (about 25 percent). Some excellent vegetables to include are celery, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, and green beans. However, it’s important to restrict the number of starchy foods like potatoes you provide for your pig.

Avoid feeding your pig dog or cat food, as these contain way too much protein.
Avoid feeding your pot bellied pigs fatty foods, specifically animal fats.