The facilities and technology at South County Animal Hospital allow our veterinarians and staff to provide in-depth medical and hospitalization services for large and small animals.


South County Animal Hospital offers a variety of imaging technologies that can be used to aid in more accurately diagnosing medical problems.

Radiology: with the ability to be easily digitized for brightness and contrast manipulation as well as enlargement to view minute abnormalities, our state of the art in-house and portable x-ray units, including a dental and exotic exclusive unit, allow for excellent visualization of the skeleton.

Videoendoscopy: problems from the nose down the upper airways and the mouth down the esophagus and into the stomach can be visualized identifying foreign bodies, tumors or ulcers. Photographs and video can be recorded for later review and consultation. In addition, VideoOtoscopy provides for visualization of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, and our Irrigation system attachment allows for flushing of the canal removing debris.

Ultrasound: useful to evaluate soft tissue structures such as heart, and abdominal organs as well as tendons and fetal assessment.

Laboratory Services

South County Animal Hospital has a full-service in-house laboratory with the ability to run crucial tests immediately providing quick diagnosis and the best care for your animal. The following tests can be run by our clinic laboratory:

In addition, South County Animal Hospital can collect and process samples for submission to an out-house laboratory such as:

Hydraulic Tilt Chute

State of the art hydraulic tilt chute allows us to gently manipulate our bovine patients providing for less traumatic surgical procedures and more accurate diagnosis.


The introduction of the PowerFloat to South County allows our veterinarians to concentrate on high quality large animal dentistry rather than merely floating teeth. In just a matter of 6 to 8 minutes the average horse’s dental needs are fully accomplished in a precise and gentle manner.

Using sedation, a dental speculum and a dental halter with a Versabrite light source, a veterinarian is able to show clients what dental corrections are necessary. PowerFloat dental procedures can be completed without causing trauma to the oral mucosa. The head of the tool is designed to allow entry to all necessary areas of the mouth. Even the rear molar hooks and ramps can be successfully reduced in just seconds. The guarded abrasive surface is engineered so that the operator does not have to hold the tongue or cheek out of way while the teeth are being floated.