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Preventive Pet Healthcare


5 Keys to Preventive Pet Healthcare

The old adage, “an ounce of prevention deserves a pound of cure” certainly is true when it comes to pet health. The cost of prevention is frequently a portion of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has actually become more advanced, and early diagnosis and treatment of establishing issues or diseases can increase the probability of successful outcomes. Preventive pet healthcare can help in saving pets the discomfort of advanced health problems and in saving pet owners the stress and expense of treatment. Why? Due to the fact that preventive pet healthcare makes certain that illness never advance.

Pet Exams

We advise an annual pet wellness exam (two times a year for senior animals). This is a hands-on, head-to-toe assessment carried out by our veterinarians, developed to recognize potential or existing concerns. If we recognize an existing or developing problem, we are aggressive in our method of treatment with the goal of returning your pet to a strong and healthy state as quickly as possible. Our specialized services cover a vast range of veterinary issues, from reproductive care to neurology. Whatever your veterinary issue, we are skilled and educated.

Parasite Prevention

Mosquitos, fleas and ticks all carry diseases that can seriously damage your pets and cats. Protecting your pet from these parasites is critical. Each year, numbers of pets are diagnosed with diseases brought by pests and parasites. Expense of treatment can be pricey and some diseases can result in major health problems. Just as bad, many of these diseases can be transmitted to people the same way our animals get them.


Like individuals, animals need vaccines. And pet vaccinations, like those for human beings, might in some cases require a booster to keep them effective. The best way to stay on schedule with vaccinations for your dog or feline is to follow the suggestions of a veterinarian you trust.

The normal conditions and transmissible canine health problems that we currently vaccinate for are:

Rabies (required by law).

Canine Parvovirus.

Dog Distemper.

Canine Parainfluenza Virus.

Contagious Canine Hepatitis.

Kennel Cough.


Dental Care

Your pet’s oral health plays a major function in their whole body health. Dental disease in pets and felines is very common, and extremely harmful. Left without treatment, it can cause major issues like heart problems and kidney failure. Frequent brushing and regular, expert cat and dog teeth cleanings go a long way to guarantee a healthy mouth and happy dogs & cats.


Excellent nutrition boosts an animals’ quality and length of life, and is important to optimal animal care. Integrating dietary evaluation into routine animal care is critical to preventive pet healthcare, as well as their response to disease and injury.

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