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Furry friends are always welcome at South County Animal Hospital. Unlike dogs & cats, rabbits do not receive vaccines, but they do need exams every 6-12 months to ensure good health. Your rabbit is a special member of your family and deserves love, attention, and proper care. When taken care of appropriately, rabbits can easily live up to 10-12 years.


The most important component of a rabbit’s diet is hay. It provides the necessary fiber to keep their digestive tract working properly. Unlimited amounts of fresh timothy hay as well as fresh leafy greens should be offered on a daily basis. Pellets should be fed in moderation, as they are the leading cause of obesity in rabbits.

Preventative Care

Spaying or neutering your rabbit is important for its long-term health. Reproductive organ cancers can be eliminated by their removal; which include testicular & prostatic for male and ovarian, uterine & mammary for female rabbits. The other more obvious benefits for owners is the reduction of sexually aggressive behaviors and spraying – a much happier, healthier pet around your house!

Rabbits have teeth that continually grow throughout their lives. They must have routine dental exams for proper alignment & wear. If teeth become improperly aligned or develop points, a rabbit can starve to death. South County Animal Hospital has special rabbit dentistry equipment which allows us to provide very special care for these very special animals. Call us for an appointment for your furry friend today.

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