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Veterinary Services at South County Animal Hospital

Your pet is an important part of your family, and when they're ill, you want the best medical care available.

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Our Services

Preventative Care

We highly recommend regular annual comprehensive physical and dental examinations for your pet.

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Our hospital is equipped to perform a broad range of surgeries using the latest in anesthetic protocols monitoring devices.

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Pet Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is used to retrain nerves and muscles, alleviate pain and to help restore abilities lost due to injury or disease.

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Preventing dental disease through regular brushing at home and promptly attending to dental pathologies is important because it eliminates severe pain and significantly improves the quality of a pet’s life.

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Diagnostic Imaging Tests

South County Animal Hospital is pleased to bring the most advanced technology in imaging.

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Pain Management

South County Animal Hospital offers pre, intra and post-operative as well as chronic pain management.

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Pet Boarding

Our boarding facility can accommodate small and large breed dogs and your feline companions as well.

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Pet Exams

Regularly scheduled physical examinations are important in the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

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Birds, Reptiles and Exotic Pets

We have a staff veterinarian who possesses experience in the care and treatment of exotic species.

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Animal Hospital Pharmacy

For refills, call us or order online so we can have your pet’s medications ready for you.

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Behavioral problems are the number one reason that pets are relinquished.

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South County Animal Hospital is equipped to provide medical and surgical care for a variety of large animals,

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